Magical Thinking

Episode #10 from The Arcade

This week: 

  • Comic book historians Hope Nicholson and Rachel Richey reveal the secret history of Canada’s Golden Age and the world’s first female superhero. 
  • We look back at the 30th anniversary of the young adult series Sweet Valley High. 
  • And journalist and Governor General’s Non-Fiction Award nominee Nina Munk, author of The Idealist, talks about American economist Jeffrey Sachs and what went wrong with his efforts to kickstart development in Africa.

Plus, a new track from Nova Scotian producer Ryan Hemsworth!

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Show Notes:
Nelvana of the Northern Lights Kickstarter

Ryan Hemsworth “Small + Lost (featuring Sinead Harnett)”
 / Last Gang Records

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Corsica_S “A Rhodes Universe”
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Additional music courtesy of the Free Music Archive:
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Hypermagic “Little Scamp”
Hogan Grip “Stance Give You Balance”
Belle Baker “Jubilee Blues”
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Original theme music by Kirby Best