Bespoke Underwear

Episode #7 from The Arcade

This week…

  • We talk with author Marisha Pessl about her new novel, Night Film. 
  • Journalist Sarah Liss reflects on the lasting legacy of Toronto artist, activist, and promoter Will Munro. 
  • We also head to the launch of Margaret Atwood’s MaddAddam.

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Hosted and produced by Anshuman Iddamsetty
Executive produced by Christopher Frey
Original theme music by Kirby Best
Podcast logo by Michael DeForge

Music featured in our Sarah Liss Interview:
Peaches “Fuck The Pain Away”
The Hidden Cameras “Ban Marriage”
Peaches “Rock Show”
Lesbians on Ecstasy “Tell Me Does She Love The Bass”
SSION “Heaven”

Additional Music courtesy of the Free Music Archive:
Kreng “Maia”
Silver Process “Awaken From A Nightmare”
Fields of Ohio “Anti-Saloon League Midnight Mystery”
Nora Keyes “The Show is Over”
owlface “goose woman”
Jeff Kolar “The Entertainer”
The OO Ray “Sleep Kingdoms”
BOPD “New England is Interesting”
johnny_ripper “june (with weirddough)”
Los Amparito “El barzon”


Original theme music by Kirby Best