Words for Colour, Rushdie's Film Lesson, and Maybe America's Best Poet

While the Pirahã tribe in the Amazon use no words at all for colour, Maud Newton has a few to spare for green.

This entire interview with Salman Rushdie is great, but lean in close when he says “...[O]ne of the things we all learned from the movies was a kind of compression that didn’t exist before people were used to watching films....Writers can use filmic devices that we’ve all accepted so much that we don’t even see them as devices any more.” Earlier this year, he said something similar about television and the novel.

It would appear that, aside from their syllabic similarities, Martin Amis's new novel Lionel Asbo and America's self-identified redneck sweet heart Honey Boo Boo have a thing or two in common. And it doesn't seem that the commonality is happiness, exactly.

Michael Robbins posits Frederick Seidel as America's best poet. Though I'm partial to John Ashbery, and he's partial to Elizabeth Bishop.