Won't Somebody Think of Iraq?

By Hazlitt

The director who made you sob while watching Take This Waltz and the writer who made you sob in The Fault in Our Stars will probably make you sob in Looking for Alaska

"What, so some crackhead chick with a grudge can throw hot oil on somebody? Or push somebody’s hand into the meat slicer? Or use the dough mixer to fuck their hands up so they can get sent to the infirmary for some Vicodin? Hell no." 

Why hasn’t Barack Obama done something about Iraq?

“Some people can just start sprinting, but I have to run a few laps before I can sprint. I feel like the best you can do is make peace with yourself. You know, you’re always fighting yourself. I read that Joseph Conrad used to shackle himself to his desk because he found writing so painful. Of course it was his third language that he was writing in.” Town and Country has a great, long interview with Tom Perotta, author of The Leftovers, about adapting his novels for film and TV, his love of crime fiction, and plenty more.

Eccentric Chinese millionaire Chen Guangbiao tries to win American hearts by feeding tuna tartare to homeless people.

“If ‘doing what I loved’ cost me the use of my legs and my arms, or the full use of my brain, would I say it was worth it?”

"Let’s imagine that after billions of years in existence, 1% of Earth-like planets develop life (if that’s true, every grain of sand would represent one planet with life on it). And imagine that on 1% of those planets, the life advances to an intelligent level like it did here on Earth. That would mean there were 10 quadrillion, or 10 million billion intelligent civilizations in the observable universe." Whoa.

Happy New Grimes Song Day!