Why Can't Everything Be Better?

By Hazlitt

Your limes are racist.

“What was fame like? What leaky fissure inside of you did it exploit? What did it take for you to realize that you’d been changed?” RIP Robin Thicke, you died as you lived, getting mercilessly ethered on the Internet.

Are categories like “immigrant fiction valid?

“Why it typifies the show is that a lot of Seinfeld is these characters trying to create a perfect world. Like, Why can’t everything be better?

Justin Bieber’s life sounds like a very real nightmare.

What do you guys think is gonna happen here? ‘Honestly?’ Yeah. ‘I don’t think many of us are gonna get out of here alive.” Zach Baron embeds with Cliven Bundy’s camp for a week in April.

This, by Lydia Kiesling, on “the new Brooklyn novel” and women in contemporary literature, is a wonderful antidote to a week’s/month’s/decade’s worth of garbage.

The Toast is one year old! Happy birthday, The Toast.

“Before returning to the boat to finish their 12-course prix fixe, visitors are encouraged to use the vertical farm’s composting toilet. Which means that Mermaid Flotilla might be the first farm-to-table-to-farm restaurant in history.”

"Despite a shared feeling of disenfranchisement, most of the attendees I spoke with struggled to recall a time in their lives when they were discriminated against for being men. When asked, two different attendees mentioned losing out to a woman for a job opportunity, though one conceded that she could have simply been more qualified." Writing for Time, Jessica Roy attends a Men's Rights Conference so you never have to.

What does the Facebook experiment teach us?

"Our hope is that it’ll play like a great HBO or Netflix series, where you get caught up with the characters and the thing unfolds week after week, but with a true story, and no pictures. Like House of Cards, but you can enjoy it while you’re driving."