See-Through Mice And Talking Horses

By Hazlitt

How to deal with the “powerlessness and … utter lack of recourse” upon realizing you’ve been fictionalized.

The great John Jeremiah Sullivan provides annotations to “Upon This Rock,” his wonderful GQ feature about his trip to a Christian rock festival.

What I learned from Richard Ford’s Sportswriter trilogy.

Hazlitt pal Jason Diamond is shuffling off of Flavorwire’s masthead to become an associate editor at Men’s Journal. Mazel tov!

Good news, mice are see-through now.

Here's a new trailer for Hazlitt cartoonist Lisa Hanawalt's Netflix comedy, Bojack Horseman.

Late into the 19th century, the line between sailors’ lore and science could be as blurred as a fog-bound horizon, with reputable journals routinely reporting on the sightings of 'monsters of the sea.' By the mid-20th century, though, most of these monsters had been dispelled or explained—but not rogue waves, which continue to be misidentified and incompletely understood today.

That cloud looks like a pianist.

It’s time to legalize prostitution.

“There are plenty of things I reach for that serve as a spiritual pick-me-up, but I don’t know of any film that feels as much like a security blanket as Groundhog Day.”