R.I.P. F Word and Showgirls Actually Good?

By Hazlitt

That Toronto-set rom-com with Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan has been redesigned, censor-proofed and given a totally boring new name.

“[N]ow that teenagers truly couldn’t be bothered with rock—particularly of the “indie” variety—rock music, while keeping the narcissism, has applied it to the most relentlessly boring life choices a man can make; good college, good brews, good stories (alive purely in the past tense), good jobs, good living, good death. Indie rock music is now every character in The Graduate.” Zachary Lipez on the problems with indie-rock made by dads.

Here’s 16 years of Google homepages! Check out all those very minor tweaks!

“Including Showgirls, and, by extension, the value of Paul Verhoeven’s entire career, in with these other “bad” movies, overlooks a really important thing: Showgirls is not a bad movie. Paul Verhoeven is not bad at his job as a film director.” Hazlitt contributor Haley Mlotek on Adam Nayman’s It Doesn’t Suck which is, appropriately, about Showgirls, and how it does not suck.

No Papyrus? This list of best typefaces of 2013 is a sham! A sham!

“Sadly, David Soknacki does not have an Instagram for tasteful photos of him dispassionately making levelheaded budget decisions. Maybe he’s on Tinder?” Toronto Life ranks all of the Toronto mayoral candidate websites on a scale of 1 to John Tory.

If you needed a reminder, here it is: Twitter is public. The things you say on it are public.

Here’s a short story from B.J. Novak’s One More Thing, featuring Jason Schwartzman and Katy Perry, of course.

FORGET EVERYTHING: Minkus is going to be on Girl Meets World. Minkus!

The Girl Canon.