Richard Poplak on Lance Armstrong and his Farcical Semi-Confession

By Hazlitt


Richard Poplak talks about his Hazlitt Original, Braking Bad: Chasing Lance Armstrong and the Cancer of Corruption, and Armstrong’s half-hearted confession to Oprah .

“Lance’s quote-unquote confession on Oprah’s OWN network was an absolute farce. It’s the way these stories are supposed to end. We do something terrible, we go on television, we cry a little bit, we confess and then we move onto our second act or our third act or our tenth act. Lance’s sort of pre-digested semi-confession satisfied nobody. I don’t think it satisfied his critics and it certainly didn’t satisfy his fans. When I watched that, to me it just seemed like business as usual. The key issue there was the hospital confession in 1996 to a couple of friends. When he was in the hospital, he said to one of the doctors, ‘Listen, I’ve done EPO, I’ve done testosterone, I’ve done this, I’ve done that. Could this have some effect on why I’m dying from cancer?’ He really had come out and said that so long ago and he didn’t come clean about that one aspect on Oprah.”

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