Remembering Nipplegate And All-Ages Cruising

By Hazlitt
The instruments stopped responding days ago. Crewmembers sent to Engineering don't seem to come back. And someone, or something, stalks the decks below. This is the good ship Friday and it is in desperate need of tabs. 

BREAKING: Pretty white lady found guilty of murder

The Super Bowl is this weekend, so naturally, we must remember Nipplegate. The nation was shocked one decade ago when a woman's nipple was exposed on international television. Nothing was ever the same. 

Errol Morris responds to the criticisms levied against Academy Award-nominated documentary The Art of Killing.

Cruising, William Friedkin's 1980 murder mystery, had it all: Serial killers, a sensationalized gay underground, and a very young Al Pacino. Now you can relive the controversy with Crusing, the all-ages toy.

Soylent is a beige slurry destined to replace food. Its latest salvo against the tyranny of High Fructose Corn Syrup? A nutrition label.

Speaking of Super Bowl, The Seattle Art Museum is in a little trouble with the Nuxalk Nation in Bella Coola, British Columbia. They wagered a ceremonial Nuxalk forehead mask on this weekend's Super Bowl outcome.

The blog turns 20! (Remember: There's a very real chance your Grade 9 Livejournal will outlive you.)

“It took me seven years of marriage to figure out that my wife is a hardcore Pearl Jam fan.” Thus begins this true and chilling tale by Jim Ruland over at Granta.

While it seems uniquely cruel to dangle the carrot of freelance payment in front of an adult human in exchange for asking them to think thoughts about Justin Bieber, we are glad that Maclean’s indulged its sadistic side and sent Sarah Lazarovic to sketch Canada’s most famous delinquent muppet as he turned himself in to Toronto police.

A sad and lovely piece of writing by Steve Murray in the National Post on coping with a friend’s sudden death.

1) George Zimmerman remains a shameless garbage person, and 2) George Zimmerman, in need of a fresh email address, registered one with Hotmail, on purpose.


And who let Patrick Brazeau out of his shame-cage?