Rejecting Google Glass And Hating The Lady In Red

By Hazlitt
“He wishes he could embrace his eclectic C.V. with the brio with which Shaquille O’Neal has embraced his, ‘from the Reebok pumps to the Shaq Fu video game to the awful movies and rap albums. I appreciate people who are happy.’” Getting to know Momofuku founder David Chang.
Running the Boston Marathon in a hijab.
I don’t care about your opinion of Mad Men—you will read Lili Loofbuorow’s analysis of s7e1’s cinematography for the Los Angeles Review of Books and you will enjoy it, dagnabbit.
Vogue has a workout plan for women who are too fragile to wear a heavy ball gown. 
“I don’t think our society’s rejection of Glass is necessarily rooted in stated concerns about privacy, exclusivity, class dynamics, disconnection from the world, or many of the other arguments that have been put forth. These are well-established, modern problems that Glass makes only marginally worse. Instead I believe the resistance to Glass is about our fear of assistive technology.”

Meet Forg.

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