Real Uber Confessions

By Hazlitt
"Just for the record, I have been waiting in this brat's driveway for fifteen minutes while he (I'm just guessing here) stared at himself in the mirror and (again, just guessing here) debated exactly how many rope bracelets still qualifies as casual." Driving for Uber sounds like the absolute worst.

Bubble to Bust to Recovery: a wonderfully designed and supremely useful data visualization from the folks at Bloomberg.

A Quebec store owner is facing legal risks after the province’s language police warned her about all the English posts on her shop’s Facebook page.

Oxford American visits Craig Jensen, 
the man who makes some of the world’s most beautiful (and expensive) books.
“I feel like one undercover book is all you get these days before the jig is up. ... Unless, like Barbara Ehrenreich, you legally change your name. I was not quite prepared to go that far.” New York’s Kevin Roose, author of the new book Young Money: Inside the Hidden World of Wall Street’s Post-Crash Recruits, stops by the Longform Podcast.
Here's Slate bossing you around again by telling you that you should peel a banana from the bottom which is INSANE.

Time is a derived quantity. Time is fleeting. Time is you, right here, staring at this glowing screen, reading these glowing words. Time can be many things, sure, but where dies time come from? The Atlantic visits the site where time is determined, right down to the atom.

Flavorwire ranks 25 years worth of Oscars hosts, but regrettably forgets that streaker who ran across the stage that one time.
“Last month, a group of British scientists found that comedians are more likely than regular people to exhibit psychotic traits, or the characteristics associated with people who have schizophrenia or bipolar disorder.”
"The book surprised me. I knew I'd find beautiful images, compelling ideas and elegant texts in there and I haven't been disappointed. But I also thought that Show Time would provide me with a clear confirmation that contemporary art is far too busy contemplating its own navel to question its relevance in today's society..." We Make Money Not Art's Régine Debatty reviews Show Time: The 50 Most Influential Exhibitions of Contemporary Art.

Designer Elizabeth Perez proposes an incendiary design for Fahrenheit 451. (Sorry.)
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