Perfection and Paradox

By Hazlitt
'“Rare” is such an quizzical descriptor, a blatant contradiction of the very nature of digital culture. Rarity describes a state of scarcity, and as we enter a proto-post-scarcity economy, digital stuff defies such shortages.'

Mariah Carey has a new drink, it's called "Butterfly," and it tastes exactly how you think it would. 

“Hurricane Katrina… April or August 2005?” Are your faulty memories really just evidence of parallel worlds?

In The Guardiana great long interview with Robert Silvers, the editor of the New York Review of Books since its launch in 1963.

“We resist ourselves, and then we judge ourselves, and from there we resist and judge the world. But paradoxically—right?—this is itself perfection, in the cosmic scope of things.” Joshua Mohr talks to D. Foy, author of Made to Break, over at The Rumpus.

Is this the most inventive studio visit in the history of the studio visit? Maybe! Net artist Nicolas Sassoon invites the curious into his workspace via, obviously, gif

There are a lot of weird World Cup songs.

Paul Ford does some digging and figures out that kitty litter is “
directly responsible for the shape of Internet culture.”

“I think people hear the stories and think it’s the person, not the gun. But the one thing behind all the stories is easy access to weapons.