Olivia Pope's Future And Weird Al's End

By Hazlitt

Turns out those vials of smallpox discovered in a National Institute of Health storage room weren’t alone: “The discovery actually included 12 boxes and 327 vials holding an array of dangerous pathogens, including the tropical disease dengue and the bacteria that can cause spotted fever, according to the Food and Drug Administration.”

Thor is a woman and Captain America is black. Enjoy!

“It is the most famous sports bra in history.” Over at The Score, Erin Valois on the rise and struggle of women in sports in the 1990s.

A breakdown of creators, by gender, in the Best American Comicsanthology series.

Trans literature for the masses.

Sorry Netflix, nothing is the new black.

Ugh, whatever, just let Olivia and Fitz make out some more.

“Baseball makes its own nothing. It's all baseball does, with every hit extending the life of the game. Baseball is a mellow, pleasant, and utterly featureless old man who can extend his own life by turning on the thermostat, and paying a bill, and then is given more life credit to use gas, and then pay the bill. Baseball is a fireman who never dies so long as there is a trailer on fire somewhere, and who spends its nights lighting fires in trailer parks. It's right there in the rules: get a hit, and you just make more baseball. It can go forever. It can make an infinite and infinitely replenished amount of nothing.” Spencer Hall got very, very stoned and went to a baseball game.

Hazlitt contributor Carl Wilson on the impressive longevity of Weird Al

Great question.