Mindy Kaling As Role Model, Jon Hamm As Midwife

By Hazlitt

How not to review women’s writing.

Keep up to date with all the ways your privacy is being violated, courtesy of Hazlitt contributor Matt Braga.

Brazil may be about to learn some hard truths about the waste of money that is the World Cup—and then learn them again in two years when the Olympics come to town.

Ban sharing.

“I owed a lot of people a lot of apologies. I’m still apologizing for that weekend.” Jim Ruland went to BookExpo America in New York last weekend, in part to atone for sins committed at BookExpo America in Los Angeles in 2008.


Rihanna wore this insane thing and you all need to see it.

Jon Hamm would be an excellent midwife.

Andy Cohen is an unbelievable genius and he deserves all of our money and how did no one else think of this already???

“Maybe because I have professional confidence that comes from my business, but calling me chubby cannot hurt me in the way it does so many, many girls, millions of women.” An interview with Mindy Kaling.


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