What Will We Do Without Juicy Couture?

By Hazlitt

“Soccer is popular because stupidity is popular.” Jorge Luis Borges, out here throwing darts.

Over at Open Culture, quite possibly the earliest recordings of a young, brash, and totally unsigned Talking Heads.

Thor Harris of Swans has some advice on how to live like a king for very little.

"My first novel came out eight years ago. It was called Joyland. Last year Stephen King released a print-only novel with the same title. That was cool, until a few King readers bought the e-book version of my novel by mistake and started leaving negative and confused Amazon reviews. I asked Amazon to change their search results to keep people from buying the wrong book but never heard back. Apparently there were a lot of confused readers as this week I got a—for me—big royalty check for those mistaken books. I'm not so upset anymore."

“It was like we decided to start shoplifting a tenth of a second before the Rapture.” Brian Philips watched Sunday’s USA-Portugal match from a beachfront bar in Rio.

“The Uma/Oprah joke was written by Rob Burnett [executive producer, Late Show With David Letterman], who lethally takes credit for it. Just lethal. I told Rob not to do it.”

Never mind the wagging and barking: wolves can communicate with each other using only their eyes.

"What's my solution? Extreme capitalism." Jennifer Lyn Morone is the founder, CEO, shareholder, and product of Jennifer Lyn Morone Inc. In other words, a corporation of one. Plus: We Make Money Not Art sits down with the newly minted corporate entity.

“You can abuse a child without breaking a single law. All you have to do is fail to see them.”

God, Robin Thicke is boring even when he’s being super creepy.

An ode to the Juicy tracksuit.

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