Love Poems, A-Frames, and Anniversaries

Poetry is posting a love poem a day on their tumblr until the 14th. That’s sweet, ain’t it? Although my favourite February holiday is Groundhog Day, pretty much solely for how closely I associate that spring heralding rodent with Bill Murray. If you’re into the film and wanna kill some time, the entire screenplay is available here.

Happy 50th birthday to the NYRB, home of some of the best literary criticism and essay work going. Here’s an appreciation of the august institution from Gerald Howard in Salon. Check in at Hazlitt tomorrow for Michelle Dean's report on the occasion. 

Tonight’s celebratory fundraiser for the ramshackle lodge of a legendary poet looks like a worthy fête, and John Barber’s recent tribute to Al Purdy (and his famed A-Frame cottage in Ameliasburgh, Ontario) functions as a nice reminder of just how much the man shaped our literature through his conversational poems.