Lenient Judges, Jon Stewart on Heroin, and What Makes a Classic

By Hazlitt

“Assuming that Hannah Horvath is odious—which is arguable—why not extend Dunham the same courtesy [extended to the Coen brothers for the unlikeable Llewyn Davis]? One reason is that male writers and directors are thought to be creating characters and art while female writers and show runners are presumed to be passing around copies of their dream journals at staff meetings.”

Studies show that Democrat and female judges in the United States are indeed more lenient, and that’s a good thing: judicial uniformity breeds its own kinds of unfairness and inequality.

What books should we stop calling classics?

A McGill student has apologized for his act of “microaggression” last fall, when he sent out an email featuring a doctored video of Barack Obama kicking down a door while making a joke about midterms. Some people are not pleased.

Guess what, curling is actually a lot harder than you dummies have been giving it credit for. Can you do a deep lunge on ice? YEAH, PROBABLY NOT.

Facebook just spent $16 billion to buy Whatsapp, that thing that you only use in order to text your dad who is still using a BlackBerry, for some reason.

Hey, The Real World is still a thing! How ‘bout that.

Before Jon Stewart was busy being cute on television, he was a bartender at New Jersey’s greatest punk Club, City Gardens. “It made me think to myself: ‘You know what I don’t do enough? Heroin. That’s what the ladies want.’”

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