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How much of a book should be made available to, um, kind of a big deal aggregators for free? Maria Popova, AKA the curator behind Brainpicker, wanted to run a selection of high res images from a hotly anticipated new picture book, and the publisher limited what she could run. She did not take it very well.

Videogames are developed and played with their own narrative strategies, and sometimes those strategies are fit for being fashioned into literature—and perhaps the vice is versa. In the Post this weekend, Mark Medley interviews a handful of game developers and writers about working through the novelizations of certain video games, and the importance of story across media.

Bill Morris on attending the National Book Award ceremony, and on Domingo Martinez, the coolest person you’ve never heard of to attend the awards.

Is reading different from e-reading? I would say that yes, it is; the differences between any older medium and its newer counterpart are usually twofold: new things take off because some part of them is better, even if you lose something in the transition.

E-read this: A new Alice Munro story, from her latest collection, Dear Life, in the Guardian.


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