Hoarding Books, Burger Math, and the Fluffiest Biscuits

By Hazlitt

“The Third Pounder presented the American public with a test in fractions. And we failed.” Why do Americans stink at math?

The “twisted world view” guiding Israel towards the “let the I.D.F. win” mindset, and the Israelis who want something other than to hate their country.

An ode to America’s fluffiest biscuit.

Surviving on toilet water for a week after a stroke.

“I would draw little villages on napkins, and make up stories about the people living in the village. There was always a cemetery, and a guy who ran the cemetery, and there was a priest. It was very bucolic.”


“Imagine yourself a child, in possession of the secret knowledge.” Robin Sloan celebrates the genius of Minecraft.

How to be James Joyce.

On book hoarding.

Image via jeffreyw/Flickr


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