Have You Found Your Summer Jam Yet?

By Hazlitt

Vulture wonders if it’s possible to make V.C. Andrews’ Petals on the Wind an artful movie.

A critique of Ta-Nehisi Coates’ A Case for Reparations, co-signed by TNC himself.

Do you have a great deal of money? Well, here are some literary homes you can buy right now.

Summer jaaaaaaaaams!!!!

Lady puts pins and needles into food at Calgary grocery store; sues grocery store for making her feel bad about it.

Why every movie lover needs to own David Thomson’s New Biographical Dictionary of Film.

“Then one night in the shower I discovered that my left testicle was the size and density of a small Cadbury Creme Egg. The doctor told me my testicle needed to come out immediately; it was malignant as hell.”

“Instead of watching “Mad Men” or the Super Bowl or the Oscars or a presidential debate, you can simply scroll through someone else’s live-tweeting of it, or read the recaps the next day. Our cultural canon is becoming determined by whatever gets the most clicks.”

Not trying to get our hopes up, but.


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The Favoured Son
The case here described is real, witnessed by the author in bail court. The names have been changed and some details…