Has Anyone Actually Ever Been To Flavortown?

By Hazlitt

“SHAPIRO: If people said your book was chick-lit, what would you say? GOULD: I would say, ‘Fuck you, pay me.’”

Speaking of digitally mediated aesthetics, what of the infinite white walls of Google Image Search? Teju Cole explores The Atlas of Affect.

Hear us out: does Guy Fieri think Flavortown is a real place?

"In the first decades of the 21st century, however, the corporate office has been quickly transformed from a predominantly functional space into a more ornate, individualistic environment, dedicated not so much to work as to promoting personality and social status. The tech industry has reimagined the office as a vehicle for conveying workers' social and professional prestige. Indeed, the well-designed office has become as much an accessory to a high-end, high-tech lifestyle as a luxury car or a fashionable outfit." Kate Losse on–shudder–Tech Aesthetics.

Over at the Los Angeles Review of BooksEmma Healey writes about Catfish and American loneliness.

Destroying your competitors with Google Maps.

“I've never been a snob. It's just about stories. And I've never felt just because it's a big screen and you plop down your eight bucks that gives it a special meaning.” Steven Soderbergh sits down for a nice long interview with Esquire.