Clever Burgers and Beyoncé the Cyborg

By Hazlitt

“Black girls and black women don’t really buy the president anything in this country, though we supported him with a higher percentage than any other group in both of his elections.” In Guernicaa conversation between Kiese Laymon and his mother.

Like lava lamps, everywhere.

How to win a swearing contest—with dignity.

St. Patrick’s Day? Thin Lizzy. Duh.

“Chronicling the story of ‘Abe’ and ‘Brian,’ Stuart reminds readers over and over again that these are not your 'normal' drug dealers: they drink 'French-pressed coffee,' they wear suits, deliver drugs on bikes, and are 'exceedingly well-mannered.’” 

Here is another reminder that celebrity photographer Terry Richardson is a huge creep.

A new(ish, maybe not that new) contender for sexiest video of all time.

Someone who has too much time on their hands at Slate thinks that Frozen’s “Let It Go” could be an homage to Watchmen.

The New York Times reports on new findings that seem to support the theory of inflation, the “Big Bang’s smoking gun,” confirmation of which would “would mean that the universe we see, extending 14 billion light-years in space with its hundreds of billions of galaxies, is only an infinitesimal patch in a larger cosmos whose extent, architecture and fate are unknowable.”

The evolution of the motion picture camera, in four minutes.

Loren Bouchard on naming the punny, punny burgers on Bobs Burgers. (“A Leek Of Their Own Burger.”) 

“Is Beyoncé a feminist? Is she a womanist? I don’t know. To me she is a cyborg.” Rachel Kaadzi Ghansah goes inside the BeyHive.

“If we penalize people for other behaviour that’s harmful to the public good – smoking in bars, not using car seats – then why would we not fine them for refusing to vaccinate their children?” Elizabeth Renzetti equates refusing to get your children vaccinated with child abuse and pushes the idea that vaccinations should be legally enforced.

Cord Jefferson has some advice for you, including, but not limited to: “you don’t have to have an opinion about things, even major news stories. I know it sounds crazy, but you really don’t.”

Hazlitt buddies Chris Berube and Lily Ames discuss the Alan Partridge movie.

Probably not.