Building A Space Suit And Assessing Robin Thicke

By Hazlitt

"I asked my boyfriend if he wanted to watch the movie with me and he replied, 'I've already seen it and it's stupid,' then went into the other room. Later, he came out, watched the last 15 minutes of the movie, and bawled."

"In 2008, Cameron Smith, an anthropology professor at Portland State University in Oregon, decided to build a space suit."

Let us, for a moment, consider just how creepy Robin Thicke is.

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“Some of Updike’s alter egos are convincingly hideous individuals. ‘I drank up women’s tears and spat them out,’ he wrote in a late confessional poem, ‘as 10-point Janson, Roman and ital.’” How John Updike turned everything in his life to his advantage in fiction.

"Isn’t it striking that the most-typical and most-maligned genres of Instagram imagery happen to correspond to the primary genres of Western secular art? All that #foodporn is still-life; all those #selfies, self-portraits. All those vacation vistas are #landscape; art-historically speaking, #beachday pics evoke the hoariest cliché of middle-class leisure iconography. (As for the #nudes, I guess they are going on over on Snapchat.)"

“A young adult novel is a regular novel that people actually read.”

"People currently think of text as information to be consumed. I want text to be used as an environment to think in." A former designer for Apple muses on the future of reading.

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