A Things

Lisa Jarnot is the author of five collections of poetry including Joie De Vivre: Selected...


Anger, aubergine, apricot syrup,
transform the first to the third
to the sound of the automobile
outside in autumn with the
angering noise of the bodega
idlers, again, in September.
Think of August and Augustus
antipodal arrangements
of apertures of cameras, of
apples, acorns, acrostics,
aviaries, agitated dreams.
Think back on Augustus, on
black beans, on Adirondack
altitudes, on automobiles
and idlers and the air. Think
angrily on anxiety and ax anger
and alarms. Agitate like
a laundry wheel. Grind an
ax on an apple. Be eaten in
autumn when the acorns fall.
Be apt. Be airy. Be agile as an Alp.


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