In the Key of Ursa Minor

Matthew Tierney is the author of three books of poetry, most recently Probably Inevitable...


Three fake plastic bushes per sill
in the mall promenade.
A poor man’s Platonic ideal,
like the subset that forms in my heart
for the Tyrolean girls of retail.

My omniscience evaporates
outside the subject/object divide.
Not to say you aren’t lab rats
but I believe you believe I believe in free will.

Under the lodestar, snow.
A panhandler holds his cardboard square:
              Inoperable Brain Cancer
              Need $$$
I cry, “What for?”

It’s possible for preceding events
to happen in reverse order
like the following.

Citywide, toddlers are being revived
in unlicensed daycares.
When attacked by a grizzly,
you’re supposed to lie there, little bear.


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