Who Knew Taylor Swift Wanted To Make Money?

November 4, 2014

“Our friend, the heroin addict, has killed a dog by sitting on it. For this and other reasons, we are holding an intervention. The intervention may save our friend, the heroin addict. But it will not save the dog.” Our Friend, The Heroin Addict and other Sopranos plotlines reinterpreted by Lydia Davis.

The insidious neoliberal capitalism behind Taylor Swift’s decision to pull her catalogue from Spotify.

“Ottawa’s sudden decision to stop issuing visas to travellers from the three West African countries hit by the Ebola epidemic may sound like a reasonable response to the outbreak. It isn’t.”

Lena Dunham’s triggering art doesn’t make her an abuser.

“That this viral video had sparked such a sense of crisis that people would push for a legal ban on street harassment was, to me, the most damning indictment of its race politics.” Liliana Segura at The Intercept on why we don’t need a law against catcalling.

This thoughtful consideration of Miranda July's app, Somebody, considers how an awesome concept can easily fail when it lacks technosavvy.

I read this at work.

“'Generating lensed images of black hole—neutron star and neutron star—neutron star mergers is an avenue of future investigation.'” Yep, space stuff will always be cool. Read this thing on black hole theory.

On kindness.


Matilda does not like that song from Donnie Darko.