Virtual Realities in which William S. Burroughs Meets FKA Twigs

By Hazlitt

“You matter. You have value. You have every right to wear your hoodie, to play your music as loud as you want. You have every right to be you. And no one should deter you from being you. You have to be you. And you can never be afraid of being you.” Ta-Nehisi Coates interviews Lucia McBath, mother of Jordan Davis, who was shot to death in Florida in November of 2012 by Michael Dunn, who was not convicted of first-degree murder.

On Ukraine’s political breakdown—a view from the left.

Meanwhile, half the world away, and largely overshadowed by the dramatic standoff in Kiev, Venezuelan youths are taking to the streets in protest. “Venezuelans younger than 30 years of age (the majority of the population) have not known any government other than that of Chávez or Maduro. For them, ‘Chavismo’ is the past. As for the promises of a better future: The results are in. The catastrophic consequences of Chávez’s 21st Century Socialism are impossible to mask any longer and the government has run out of excuses.”

How a sensationalist quote from Philip Seymour Hoffman’s alleged cocaine-freebasing lover turned into quickly settled libel suit and a $45,000 prize for hard-up playwrights.

Meanwhile, if the ’50s-era period drama you’re writing includes characters talking about “steep learning curves” and “target audiences,” perhaps the Anachronism Machine may be of some assistance.

Also, good god almighty, the ’50s were disgusting. No wonder everyone just smoked and drank instead of ate.

Asked for his assessment of William Burroughs, Samuel Beckett once said, “Well, he’s a writer.” Which Burroughs thought perhaps the greatest compliment he ever received. If that’s advertisement enough for you, you may want to sit through one of Burroughs’s creative writing classes.

And call it hypertext, twine lit, whatever—Tully Hansen’s interactive meditation on writing is wonderful all the same.

Here’s Ivor Tossell on John Tory’s opposite-of-nutty mayoral bid.

The UK Conservative Party’s rebranding efforts have taken on a decidedly socialist tone.

FKA Twigs collaborates with inc. That is all.

Time has mapped out the favourite band of every state in the U.S., and boy does Florida love Rick Ross. Do not go to Florida.

Where there’s a will (to show off how much you care about the developing world, like, ppl are starving omggg), there’s a way. Behold Humanitarians of Tinder. (Now weep.)

I almost became a victim of human trafficking at the Sochi Olympics.”

If you think of this as a work of short fiction about the pathos of the pathetic, in the style of Todd Solondz or something, it’s actually totally brilliant.

Students at University Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona are using Oculus Rift headsets to let men and women take a spin in each other’s bodies.

My feminism will be intersectional, or it will be bullshit.”

Let’s ignore our jobs and responsibilities and just watch Beck dance.