Video Games And Minty Kools

By Hazlitt

Super Bowl viewers in Georgia were treated to this insane two-minute ad from personal injury lawyer Jamie Casino, which includes a flaming sledgehammer and Proverbs 31:8. The whole thing is like a superhero origin story.

Surprise, surprise: Doug Ford thinks Robyn Doolittle’s new book about the Fords, Crazy Town, is total bullshit. He probably doesn’t want a signed copy.

Irish TV host Brendan O’Connor shows us all the wrong ways to interview Pussy Riot, including calling them “girls” and asking them if they think Madonna is a freedom fighter “like them.” Shh. Hush. Be quiet.

Speaking of girls, maybe you’d all get paid more if you just asked for it, idiots.

Meanwhile, The Walrus presents the many faces of Rob Ford.

“More often, though, we don’t immerse ourselves in history; it’s just there whenever we want it, living right alongside the present.” Over at WiredPaul Ford writes about Netflix, Google Books, and living in a “history glut.”

Why video games should enter the public domain.

Will Self on William Burroughs, “the perfect incarnation of late 20th‑century western angst—self-deluded and narcissistic yet perceptive about the sickness of the world,” on the occasion of the Junky author’s centenary.

Montreal software developers Pixyul want to use drones to map the entire planet because videogames.

Octodad is many things: Loving husband, secret mollusk, oh, and a meditation on the cruelty of invisible illness.

“Yes, a few of my relatives died from aerosol can explosions. Strange things happen within families, in small towns... For the most part, this record is as real as a bad car accident.”

The good folks at Polygon have a Street Fighter II oral history for you.

Given the sudden passing of Phillip Seymour Hoffman, the timing of this MIT-endorsed startup is a bit awkward, but then again, what if you could disrupt grief?

We’re still mourning PSH, so here’s a blooper from The Master, wherein he just can’t get over “the minty flavor” of a Kool.