Twitter Extortion And Taking the Wrong Elevator

By Hazlitt

The Atlantic Wire has a full round-up of all your feminist infighting. Quick, men, now's your chance, take over the world!

“Nothing is an absolute reality, all is permitted.” Remember Nietzsche's words as science writer Phillip Ball explains why Newton’s heralded choice of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet for the colours of the rainbow was entirely arbitrary.

With mass protests and a violent government crackdown in Ukraine dominating the headlines, media coverage of Turkey’s political crisis has fallen to the wayside. There, the challenge to the country’s leadership is now coming from within state institutions rather than the streets. Behind recent corruption charges laid against three cabinet ministers unfolds a power struggle between prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and well-placed loyalists to an influential exiled cleric.

As Atlanta attempts to recalibrate after a rare winter storm brought the city to its knees, one MetaFilter user explains the levels of failure and unpreparedness that led to such a nightmare scenario. Over at Every Day Should Be Saturday, Spencer Hall offers his own take: “If you're glorying in this, and using this disaster of civic ineptitude to gird your own puny loins this morning, great. I encourage this, because I want you to be the worst possible person.”

“So many people want to connect with me and be my bro by saying they did Quaaludes in college. You can just imagine how wonderful that is in an interview. I don’t give a fuck what drugs you did.” Jerry Stahl toughs out a 102-degree fever to chat with The Rumpus.

What happens when you own one of the most valuable Twitter names in existence? Well, as the previous user of @N discovered, extortion. And if the nuts & bolts of such an extortion scheme fascinate you, here’s another chilling story from the owner of @jb.

How do you punish a convicted eco-terrorist? Force her to read Malcolm Gladwell, apparently.

Meanwhile, in Russia, a poetry fan stabbed a friend of his to death for insisting “the only real literature is prose.” Alcohol may have been involved.

“A dharma warrior of the first order,” and “super rad guy.” Dangerous Minds offers up an appreciation of psych-pop-rock singer-songwriter Julian Cope whose music (circa 1978-1992) was once described as “bubblegum trance.”

Should you find your spine lacking in chills, consider this ethereal performance by singer FKA Twigs. In the gorgeously captured “Hide,” Tahliah Barnett sings from the ruins of a village in Tulum, Mexico.

Courtesy of Toronto Sun reporter Don Peat, today in Rob Ford.


Fuck organic fruit.

During Tuesday’s State of the Union address what do you think Joe Biden saw when his face broke out into this big grin? A hamburger with legs? A dancing baby? A reflection of John Boehner's face seemingly covered in shoe polish? We will never know.