The Troubled History of Biscuits and Gravy

November 13, 2014

“Women should never have been designated as a protected class.” Inside the National Coalition for Men.

If your edgy new media property is going to be crippled by the alleged ineptitude of your billionaire bankroller’s management prowess, there are worse kinds of protests to launch than Racket Teen.

“[The] clash of genre values is fundamental to the novelistic experience. That’s how we ought to be thinking about our books… we ought to ask how the values of tragedy and romance might collide.”

The year of the “crazy ex-girlfriend.”

Meet Seedfeeder, "Wikipedia's greatest artist of sex acts."

"It was like my mother. It became a part of me, and me a part of it." It being an AK-47.

Our Generation of Hackers.

On the new Call of Duty and the evolving problem of first-person shooters.

Those biscuits and gravy have a long, troubled past.

At least we might get some cool new gods after the earth becomes an unbearable wasteland.