The Norway of the Year, Awakens


Just a picture of a solar system forming, no big deal.

“I am shocked and pleased: shocked that I could have been so reckless, pleased that I was so reckless.” Philip Roth rereads Portnoy’s Complaint, 45 years later.

Tens of thousands of starlings, photographed in murmuration.

“The lawsuit alleged that in just the first year, the security suffered $51 million in losses, nearly 50 times what had been projected. It’s hard to say how much of that was due to the GreenPoint loans. But this was just one security, one year, and the losses were in the tens of millions. And Chase did deal after deal with the same methodology. So did most of the other banks. It’s theft on a scale that blows the mind.” Taibbi back.

Sadie Stein unpacks her favourite Emily Dickinson line: “November always seemed to me the Norway of the year.”

Having a Jewish mother is like having a mother, times ten. Not only does she have to know what you’re doing today, but she also has to know who you’re doing it with, why, where, and will it cost money?”

In a week of many internet hoaxes, one hoax more: the leaked Beyonce album is not to be. 

Use these pictures of a tiny hamster bartender to recover from your disappointment. There. All better

The Force Awakens?

“Echoing the sentiments of so many parents with less-than-fond memories of ass-numbing afternoons spent watching moppets receiving certificates, he yells, ‘It’s psychotic! People keep coming up with new ways to celebrate mediocrity, but if someone is genuinely exceptional…’” On the politics of The Incredibles.

Azealia Banks did a thing about one thousand days after she said she was going to do that thing

Hope you’re ready to be really goddamn sad in about three years.

A moment, please, for 90’s country fashion.


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