Making Maudlin Movies

By Hazlitt
Joy Biggs watched her sister die in prison for possession of an ounce of marijuana. Now she's facing her own criminal charges.

Benjamin Boles on the impending death of MuchMusic.

“I’m almost 89, I’m gonna have a drink a day or two. I know how to handle it, so there. I’m proud of the fact that I can handle a couple of drinks.” Bless you, 
Elaine Stritch, with your giant specs, your oversized men's dress shirts, your black leggings, your sharp tongue. 

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How Casey Cep became a Knausgaard truther.

For Rookie, Hazlitt contributor 
Kelli Korducki interviews the one and only Laverne Cox about CeCe McDonald and empowerment.

The story of the Russian hackers that 
stole the NASDAQ.

Zach Braff may be a wet-eyed goof who makes maudlin movies with the most ironically bearded of soundtracks, but 
the whining about him Kickstarting his latest film project is misplaced.

An interview with Lucy Jones, the person who will 
save LA from certain doom.

Of face tattoos and feelings.

“Without lungs or other respiratory organs, we bookworms breathe through our skin, so we'll never hog the blankets,” and other truths about dating a bookworm.

Here is noted burp-maker Cameron Diaz on your weird body.

Emily Carroll is giving us the spooks!