Loathsome Men And A Shrink-Wrapped Future

October 20, 2014

Still from "Rushmore"

“Am I being catfished?” What do you do when a semi-anonymous reviewer trashes your book online? Hazlitt pal Kathleen Hale decided to engage.

Are you also pooping “wrong?”

FBI director James Comey warned that cell phone encryption could “lead law enforcement to a ‘very dark place,’” citing four examples of cases that he claimed could not have been solved without the aid of such data. The Intercept thinks he is very, very wrong.

"America once projected its democratic ethos abroad via cowboy flicks, jazz music, and edgy painting. Now cultural diplomacy gets subsumed within hat-in-hand corporate interests; before you know it, the Dinobots turn out to be Chinese. "

If you need to buy an Ebola mask, buy it from Cam’ron.

The loathsome men Jason Schwartzman has portrayed, writers and otherwise.

The future will be shrink-wrapped.

"I am a white, middle class male professor at a big, public university, and every year I get up in front of a hundred and fifty to two hundred undergraduates in a class on the history of race in America and I ask them to shout white racial slurs at me. The results are usually disappointing."