Letterman On The Simpsons And The Trouble With Selfies

By Hazlitt

Oh my god, to be Jackie Collins for like, one SECOND.

"A quick scan of De Niro’s career in the ’00s reveals a swamp of bad comedy, tedious drama, and continually lowered expectations." The A.V. Club looks at 21 actors primed for a revival or reinvention. 

The Simpsons are sad to see David Letterman go.

Good grief, when did selfies get so contentious

"There are really two issues here. One is the reflexive tendency to disparage or dismiss a woman in politics (or in business, or anywhere) with a remark about her supposed susceptibility to emotion. The other is the way a certain femininity—the wilting kind—is ascribed to those who doubt that torture is good for America." Amy Davidson on Dianne Feinstein, the CIA, and torture.

Why are doctors the last people you now actually using a pen and paper

Bye, Mickey.

Here is a slow-motion video of babies eating lemons for the first time. We're all going to get through this week together.

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