Hazlitt’s National Magazine Awards Nominations

By Hazlitt

Did you hear? Hazlitt was nominated for 10 whole National Magazine Awards this morning! Here's some of the great work our staff and contributors were recognized for.

"The Yonge St. scene was, along with the nascent bohemian coffee houses in nearby Yorkville, a patch of libertine hipness on Toronto the Good’s otherwise straight-laced map. (Even these clubs had to go at least nominally dry by 12 on Saturday nights, because the Lord’s Day Act forbade Sabbath drinking.)"
'I Bet Your Mama Was a Tent-Show Queen' by Carl Wilson (Arts & Entertainment)

"So it’s rather shocking when, as an artist, people do value what you do. Money will occasionally be allocated to you in a way that doesn’t reflect ordinary market forces, and you will find yourself eating dessert three times a day while someone else washes your bedclothes."
Let Them Eat Steak: Arts Funding, US-Style by Linda Besner (Arts & Entertainment)

"And the moral of that story is: relax. Art is hard, not just for the artist but for the rest of us who have to confront its formal and contextual weirdness. If we don’t understand the work it’s because the artist is wired differently, and we can walk away from the canvas or the installation or the whozit and say: that’s interesting, but it has nothing to say about the sane world in which I live."
Lost Library by Tom Jokinen (Columns)

"But in fact, it’s not quite true to say that news media completely refrain from humanizing depictions of criminals. It’s more accurate to say that media attitudes towards sins and sinners are largely determined by skin colour."
Tangent by Linda Besner (Columns)

"People divorce, and change careers, and move around more frequently, and that churns our social circles and makes me wonder whether the nature of confidence has changed. Maybe loneliness is more a symptom of our expectations than our circumstances—or of growing pains, more precisely, as we adapt to different forms of socializing."
Minutiae by Alexandra Molotkow (Columns)

"Not trying to do something for which you possess the mind, the talent, and the intelligence, because you cannot bring yourself to care enough, or because you succumb over and over again to the deep dark malaise of self-doubt, or because you neglect to get any sort of medical attention for the mood disorder likeliest to kill a bitch—that’s failure."
Failure Week (Editorial Web Package)

"I like to think that moments are less important than memories—just the seeds of memory, which is one of my favourite songs but memories can rot, and perhaps that’s worse than death. The present is a spine that orders the past and the future, and when it shifts everything does. Maybe suicide is a way of preserving the past you like to have lived."
Three Eulogies: Wendy O. Williams, Valerie Solanas, Cookie Mueller by Alexandra Molotkow (One of a Kind – Hazlitt No. 1)

"I was at peace in the luxury of all that lack of care."
Conversion by Karen Solie (Poetry)

"We were going to the West Bank. I felt like I should be whispering the words, but I also wanted to shout them out the window. I didn’t know why. Not one of us had been there before. I expected glaring poverty, bullet-riddled shacks, women with their heads covered. Brooding men. A shrouded place."
How Far Away is Ramallah by Karen Connelly (Travel)

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Congratulations to all our contributors, our lovely staff, and thanks to you for reading us.