Gone Girl Truthers And Cheap Beer Drinkers

October 16, 2014

Still from "Gone Girl"

It has been an entire decade since Jon Stewart tried to burn down Crossfire.

Shovel Ready author Adam Sternberg on Gone Girl as the ultimate truther movie.

Are male feminists just screwing everything up?

“HAL: [shotguns a beer in the shower] everyones going to be so impressed when i stop doing this.” Dirtbag Henry IV, by modern-day Shakespeare Mallory Ortberg.

In praise of cheap beer.

“From 2004 to 2011,” C.J. Chivers writes in The New York Times, “American and Iraqi troops repeatedly encountered, and at times were wounded by, chemical weapons that were hidden or abandoned years earlier.” As Murtaza Hussain points out at The Intercept, this does not in any way mean that George W. Bush was actually right.

“Emily Garrity only had to shoot one pig before she figured out that the best way to kill them was publicly, in front of all the other pigs at the trough.”

"Mutual hostility becomes 'do what you want, just don’t foist it on me.' Pushed to its limits, all fandom becomes apartheid." The terrific Ian Bogost on Why Anything but Games Matters.

Apropos to nothing, here's a Pinterest board of shipping container homes.

"A small reactor could power a U.S. Navy warship, and eliminate the need for other fuel sources that pose logistical challenges." War, war never changes–even as we harness the elusive power of fusion.