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Okay, so apparently no one told me about Emoji Dick, which is what you think it is if you’re a Melville fan, and not what you think it is if no one ever calls you Ishmael. Anyhow, Emoji Dick has a Library of Congress number, so it’s legit. Also Verge has a great interview with the man who invented emoji, and the piece is designed really well too. What more can you ask for? ¯\(ツ)/¯

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I know a few vinyl collectors—one of my best pals actually owns a record store, and I really liked Vinyl Junkies (if you’re looking for a book length ethnography on the culture of disc junkies), but this probably takes the cake for double down nerdery: literary vinyl collectors. But it’s not that weird, really, when you consider the joys of old recordings. I mean, if YouTube videos had mechanical grooves, I would’ve worn this one out by now for sure.

Also, they’re announcing a new reading tax.


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