Drunk Actresses, Gay Cars, And Defending Cyclops

By Hazlitt

On Tuesday night, the state of Oklahoma committed, in Charles Pierce’s words, “an act of fucking barbarism,” when an experimental cocktail of lethal injection drugs failed to kill death row prisoner Clayton Lockett in a timely fashion, dragging out his torturous demise for over 40 minutes. At Gawker, friend of Hazlitt Michelle Dean has a brief history of botched executions in the United States.

“I distrust Microsoft Office, because it is a bear to use and expensive, and it has destroyed many drafts by crashing. Yet greatness is not the same as goodness and I must admit that it is a great work of software—powerful, omnipresent, and woven into the culture.”

Your best friend Jennifer Lawrence is a big ol’ drunk.

Over two weeks ago, members of the Islamist terrorist group Boko Haram kidnapped at least 200 girls from a high school in northeastern Nigeria—one of the few who escaped speaks out.

The Wire remembers Bob Hoskins’ best work.

Here’s another documentary about Elliott Smith that will probably make you cry like you haven’t cried since you first discovered Elliott Smith.

“I know I’m by no means alone in this. Tumblr is full of people who ride hard for Cyclops (or long to see Cyclops ridden hard by Wolverine, because it’s Tumblr).”

The Toronto Symphony Orchestra created a Drake medley. Go Raptors?

Jack King, wife of Manitoba judge Lori Douglas, has died.

In this lowly tab-writers’ opinion, the problem with most biopics is that their subjects aren’t nearly as interesting as the art they created, or the precedents that they set, or the things that they did, which means that the movies tend to dwell on stupid, inconsequential things, like the fact that Johnny Cash was a “motherfucker” and how his motherfucker-ness was the dark side of his musical genius (probably not true, but wouldn’t it be romantic if it were?). Noel Murray nicely elaborates on the myth of “the Myth of the Motherfucker” over at The Dissolve.

These cars are so gay.

Piketty vs. A Dog.