Cultural Tourism in the Time of Podcasting


And that’s the end of that chapter. Now, onto other new business.

“If [Serial’s Sarah] Koenig is a flawed, unreliable narrator, we should add ‘cultural tourist’ to the list of flaws.”

Man returns.

Watch René Clair’s groundbreaking film, Entr’acte, for free.

Dogs Playing… D&D?

ISIS is minting its own gold and silver coins… This actually makes a certain amount of sense for a violent insurgent group masquerading as a state.”

A proposal for new Hazlitt headquarters.

Look at these bureaucrats from around the world.

The story behind Iceland’s semi-mythic banana plantation.

“Anonymous has no more transcended the limits of conventional society than the proto-techno-utopian communes of the 1970s.” A critique of Gabriella Coleman’s Hacker, Hoaxer, Whistleblower, Spy: The Many Faces of Anonymous.

White hot dating tips from the delightful duo of Chip Zdarsky and Matt Fraction. 


Three Guns
The ones that scare us, the ones that take things away from us, and the ones that make us feel in control.


Why Don’t We Ever Land on Good Comets?
All the great celestial bodies in the universe to choose from, and we go and park ourselves on icy old 67P/Churyumov-…