Canada’s Liam Neeson And Election Day Tunes


Happy (municipal) Election Day, Ontario! Here are some new Drake songs. Go vote today.

The political science of Ebola.

It’s almost Halloween so here’s a reminder that this is a very, very terrible costume idea and you should not do it.

“He left thinking that the journalists, like him, would soon be freed.”

Kevin Vickers is actually Liam Neeson. (Taken Liam Neeson, not Love Actually Liam Neeson.)

“It is socially acceptable for parents to complain about, feel oppressed by, and even resent their children. But a parent who presents herself as a genuine victim of her own child is approaching a taboo. A mother is not supposed to cower before her child. That power dynamic seems to defy the rules of nature.” On Kelli Stapleton, the woman who attempted to kill her autistic daughter.

Do you want to carve Ben Affleck’s Gone Girl butt in a pumpkin? You do. Everyone does.

Gonorrhea is the strongest organism on Earth so, great, good news everyone.


The Schadenfreude Economy
Why do we take such delight in the hilarious, satisfying pain of others?


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