Assassinating Thatcher, Fighting Bulls, and Hitler’s Meth


Sometimes you’re assigned to write a profile and don’t get the access you’d hoped for. In a perfect world, you’d have non-bullfighting-travelogue-writearound options.

Missing church, not religion: Why Anne Helen Petersen reads Marilynne Robinson.

Is this, as Cheryl Strayed and Benjamin Mosser discuss, a golden age for women essayists? For that matter, as John Jeremiah Sullivan asks, what even is an essay?

In The Guardian, the title story from Hilary Mantel’s new collection, The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher.

“When does the act of public acknowledgement become a sort of humblebrag?” On the difficulties of writing the acknowledgments page.

Baseball is dying. Baseball has always been dying.

“[After] almost a decade of attending such events with my kumbaya illusions kept in check, I crave that intangible sense of solidarity and possibility when women writers gather.” Notes on the inaugural Bindercon.

What It’s Like to Carry Your Nobel Prize through Airport Security.

“There is a tendency to deify and I try to resist that as much as I can even with figures I have a lot of respect for.” The Comics Journal speaks with Hazlitt contributor Jeet Heer.

Imagine a world where men have no story.”

How women sometimes get more time in jail than the men who beat and murder their children.

The Gwyneth/Martha feud is quickly becoming absurd and delightful.

Adolf Hitler: meth-addicted fart-monster.


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