Psych Ward Dreams In The Night

Marc di Saverio hails from Hamilton, Ontario. His poetry and translations have appeared in such...


A translation of Emile Nelligan’s Rêve d’une nuit d’hôpital (for Shane Neilson)

Wearing the white of her paintings, sublime
Cecile is seen by the Saint, her head haloed –
and Jesus, Mary and Joseph are seated,
I listening from the bannisters, in time

for the sudden mystic blaze of chandeliers
breaking and roaring with the rain-raying
harmonies harp-accented by her blurs
of fingers. Earthly music, stop your playing!

I do not want to sin. I do not want to come.
The Saint says for an encore they demand
I be the Savior of this Kingdom

and I will wait for the next recital to grace
me, soon, from her planetary land,
when angels come to free me from this place.


|| A blue moon, via Flickr user Asher Isbrucker
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