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for Oksana and Taras Dudko in Lviv

But as we were in Lviv from the very beginning
My father really liked the city of Lviv
He decided to move back to Lviv.
We dwelt in Lviv in those days
We left everything in Lviv.
Born in the village Hutysko, region of Lviv
We arrived in Lviv by dark already
Then we bought an apartment here in Lviv
Afterwards the family reached Lviv
spent her childhood in Lviv, and if streams mumble
I remember them coming from Lviv
My sister wrote to me in Lviv
Where this boy from Lviv
Born in the village of Komorniki (Lvov
another one to Lwów
He left Lviv “at the last moment”
her family evacuated from Lviv
a German aircraft fly over the city Lviv.
We held the defense of Lviv
the child walked freely in Lviv, Sunday and white napkins and a bucket
she has a dugout house in Butynskyy forest in Lviv
The only bomb dropped over Lviv
because Lviv was almost undestroyed
following which the family fled to Lviv
he joined the defense troops in Lviv.
about 100 km from Lviv
in Lviv to a Jewish family
to a Jewish family in Lviv
From that place they were turned back to Lviv.
Lviv was not in ruins baptized plants, leaf by leaf, but they grew,

Take a last look at Lviv, you will never see it again.
A mine exploded, stones fell on my spine, they took me to Lviv
he was injured and flown by air to Lviv
his father died near Lviv
six months of treatment in Lviv
by a freight car to hospital in Lviv
his injury in the military hospital in Lviv
Łąckiego and Zamarstynowska street prisons in Lvov
I lived on Akademichna street in Lviv when I was arrested
Her sister went to Lviv and was prevented it had to do encores over and over,
Volodymyr’s family was imprisoned in Lviv jail
deported to Siberia from transitory prison №25 Lvov
so they could march us off to Lvov.
told in Lvov to convert to Orthodoxy, I refused,
She came to Lviv, the train was delayed, they seized her
managed to escape during a prison transport to Lviv
she worked in newly created Lviv pharmacy.
he was in the labour camps Lviv and Odesa
And he came to Lviv with this bag of wheat on his back.
working to construct the airport between Sambir and Lviv dedicated to the Almighty
My father was originally a bank clerk of the Lviv branch
In Lviv I unloaded sugar from train wagons
assigned to work on a road leading to Lviv
wanted to enter the theological seminary in Lviv,
worked as a laboratory assistant in Lviv
He gained primary education in class for children in Lviv prison
Later lived in Lviv and continued education
he went to study to Lviv medical school.
They had been teaching foreign languages in Lviv
graduated from the Forestry Institute in Lviv and the scissors cut it

admitted to the Department of Pedagogy of Lviv University
We went to Lviv where I had a friend from school.
wanted her to finish the 6th grade of gymnasium in Lviv
a student in the medical institute in Lviv
Ukrainians who were going to school in Lviv
Plast camp in village of Staryava, region of Lviv
in Lviv the stopover was longer
I cannot say how long the stopover was in Lviv
first there was Stryi, Skolno, Kharkiv, Lviv, Kharkiv
They drove me to Lviv Scissors, penknives, and razor blades scratched
He lives in Lviv.
in the city of Lviv
She never left Lviv
I remember them coming from Lviv,
lives in Lviv,
came from Lviv,
He came to Lviv
living in Lviv, Ukraine
Now she lives in Lviv pack, always, each day
He now lives in Lviv, Ukraine where he is a cantor
From then we always lived in Lviv
I will keep my oath. Here in Lviv it is everywhere

Created from phrases from witnesses at that mention Lviv, sectioned by subject, with one lockstitch between each subject. A poem written over Adam Zagajewski’s “To Go to Lvov”, it whispers every tenth line of AZ, and has the same total number of lines.


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