Tweeting Ill of the Dead, The House that Hova Built

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On Wednesday night former President Bill Clinton wowed democrats, nay, liberal hearts, with an hour long speech endorsing Barack Obama. And just one night before, Michelle Obama set the record for giving the speech from the spouse of a presidential candidate at the highest ever reading comprehension level. Or as Virginia Heffernan put it, the most literary. In fact, if you’re looking for a totally joyful and deeply critical celebration of political rhetoric and narrative, Heffernan’s got some great stuff on Clinton and Anne Romney, and, um, Clint Eastwood, too. Because that really happened.

Bret Easton Ellis poo poos David Foster Wallace in a handful of Tweets, and the Guardian is ON IT. And Russel Smith ponders about the writerly ethics of sneaking some reality into fiction in the Globe.

Because I can’t stop thinking of Action Bronson as Misha Vainberg, I am compelled to to share this gorgeously written profile of Jay-Z, penned by Zadie Smith.