Some Writers and Some Bummers

Louis C.K. is a philosopher slash artist, and an Emmy-winning writer besides.

Some writers like some kinds of punctuation more than others. Some writers like recommending some books more than others, especially now that we all live in the Amazonian bookforest of near-infinite choice.

Let's hope for four more years of casual optimism!

In light of the current Wente debacle, which Colby Cosh rounded up pretty succinctly over at Macleans, it's discomforting to know that even non-David Shields literary big wigs occasionally misrepresent their supposed sources, to varying degrees. (Fiction, I guess usually comes from a fabricated source. Or not.) Either way, I'm pretty much on board with Navneet Alang, as bummed as I am by the futility of attempting originality.

Equally a bummer: facts, like milk, have a short(ish) shelf life. And that's a fact. For now?