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Iain Reid knows now that his next book is almost done. But how does he know?

The Sweet Girl is really taking off. Jeet Heer called it “a remarkable novel,” and one he’s looking forward to rereading. Renown classicist (and TLS editor) Peter Stothard says he’s pleased that history has left us so few facts about Aristotle’s daughter, Pythias, because the absence of facts enabled Annabel Lyon to write us a good story. Not that she didn’t worry over history and accuracy. But it’s the mix ‘n’ match of the real and imagined that I like best.

Lemonhound, that great source for reviews of Canadian and not-Canadian poetry, is looking mighty fine since its relaunch.

Carl Wilson was in the audience last week when David Byrne and Cory Doctorow talked about music in the digital age. He had some great tips on how the “In Conversation” genre of public speaking could be improved, to the benefit of speakers and audiences alike. With IFOA just around the corner, it’s nice to have his thoughts on live conversations in mind.

It’s officially that time of year, again. (Gourds!)


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