Hard Times Are Coming and Post-Internet Art

November 21, 2014
Charts to chart your Serial obsession

"The truth is, Cliff Huxtable was a lie and Bill Cosby must now confront the truth.”

Men explain Cars to Hazlitt's own Anna Fitzpatrick.

We want more for TV’s geek girls. 

"In my criticism of post-internet art I’m kind of like the guy who writes a Yelp review about how the burgers at Burger King don’t look as good as they do in the commercials."

“I think hard times are coming." Read Hari Kunzru's profile of the wonderful Ursula K. Le Guin. Then watch her powerful speech at the National Book Awards. 

A boy looks up at a lonely hill
... To say anything else would ruin Richie Pope's breathtaking comic, Crossing

Two new Beyoncé songs! Two new Beyoncé songs!