Genre: Literary Fiction, Online and in Print, Plus 2 Stories

Literary fiction is a genre, complete with its own genre tropes.

The Los Angeles Review of Books's Mathew Specktor interviews Lorin Stien, of The Paris Review about the history and future of “America's literary journal.” In the interview, Stein describes the importance of doing digital right, even for a venerated print journal. And the Paris Review certainly does it right. As an example, here's an illustrated panorama of Finnegan's Wake.

And speaking of digital, congratulations to Harper's on the new website. And on greater amount of writing they'll be publishing online, including picks from their stacked archive. Here's Herman Melville's “The Town-Ho's Story,” for example, from the October 1851 issue.

A brand new short story from Hilary Mantel! And a Q&A with Ben Lerner.