Bitcoin and the Weight of Mountains

By Hazlitt

Meet Satoshi Nakomato, the secretive inventor of Bitcoin. Maybe. People are confused about Satoshi's involvement with the cryptocurrency, including himself. At least we got out a car chase out of it. 

Here's how Flavor of Love got their, uh, memorable cast. (Hint: look for crazy, cast crazy.)

Night Slugs! Enough with your effortless future music

Over at Slate, Lisa T. McElroy opted her daughters out of standardized testing. She thought it was no big deal. She was wrong.

This is stupid. Just eat normal.

Why do car commercials need to remind you that everyone and everything you love will one day get old and sad and then they will die and all you will have are your memories? How does that make anyone want to buy a car??

The Weight of Mountains.

"And Nyong’o being 31 years old places her squarely in the generation between Gen X and full-fledged millennial; she can remember the time before the internet, and she’s dealt with, for the past ten years, a precipitous shift in which jobs are available and what job security even means." Flavorwire on what the future holds for It Girl, Lupita Nyong'o.

Image via AP.