||Nigerian author Chinua Achebe, photo by Ralph Orlowski
Africa is People

Chinua Achebe, Nelson Mandela said, “brought Africa to the rest of the world.” Poet Jackie Kay called him “the grandfather of African fiction.” In commemoration of Achebe, who has died at the age of 82, we publish his essay “Africa is People,”…

Understanding Hugo Chavez

In this excerpt from his book The Dictator’s Learning Curve, William J. Dobson looks back at the conditions that made it possible for Hugo Chavez to win power democratically, and then wield it the way he did.

||Kent Monkman, Treason of Images
As Long as the Grass is Green

Land. If you understand nothing else about the history of Indians in North America, you need to understand that the question that really matters is the question of land. An excerpt from Thomas King’s latest book, The Inconvenient …

Dead Indians: Too Heavy to Lift

You don’t have to look far in North American culture to find Dead Indians. ‘Dead’ as in the idea of something that never really existed. From film characters to rodeos and sports teams’ mascots—even in how Native leaders represent…

Michel Houellebecq and The Sin of Despair

On Michel Houellebecq and his novel Platform—and sex, and hatred, and despair. Taken from Barnes’ latest work, Through the Window, a collection of essays on the books and authors that have meant the most to him throughout his career.

Excerpt: Into the Abyss

In October of 1984, a small commuter plane carrying the author’s father and nine others crashed in remote northern Alberta. There were four survivors: politician Larry Shaben, rookie pilot Erik Vogel, police officer Scott Deschamps, and…